Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Living with purpose in 2014!


This isn't going to be a typical "set your New Year's Resolution" article. I'm not a fan of waiting until a specific time to make a change. I believe if you want to make a change, the best time to start is right now, instead of waiting until a later now moment. There's never a perfect time, if you feel you want to make a change, just do it, don't wait until the first of the new year.

That being said, the New Year brings a feeling of change. Even though we go about our personal and business lives constantly setting goals, accomplishing goals, and setting new goals; the feeling of change associated with the New Year is a great time to evaluate the previous year and look forward to what's coming down the road.

This should be done with the focus on the bigger picture. I am not saying short term goals are not important, they are, without a doubt. However, short term goals are stepping stones to a larger goal. What is your larger goal? For me I believe the ultimate goal is to determine your life's purpose.

When you realize what you are here to do, it makes all the rest of the stuff simple. If you know your life's purpose, all you have to do when considering smaller goals is ask yourself, "is this goal in alignment with my life's purpose?" If it is, then the goal is worthy of your time. If it is not, let go of it.

This works on any scale, whether it is a business goal, a personal fitness goal, a healthy goal, etc.

In business, if your goal is to get more customers and you are considering attending a workshop that deals with sales strategies for businesses, then it is probably worth the investment to attend the workshop.

If your fitness goal is to run a marathon, and you decided to focus on building a 3x bodyweight deadlift in the weight-room, you are doing your goal of running a marathon a disservice. While supplementing your marathon training with strength training is a good idea, trying to build a huge deadlift directly conflicts with the goal of running a marathon.

If your goal is to improve your health and prevent disease, and you're trying to decide between a green smoothie and a Snickers bar for a snack, it's pretty obvious which short-term goal is in-line with the greater goal.

This begs the question, why then do we waste so much time? Honestly I think it is because we do not have a defined longer term goal. This makes just coasting and wasting time very easy.

Consider that this lifetime is relatively short. You will not be here in this current incarnation for very long. If we are lucky, we will have 90-100 years (or maybe a little longer) to experience this lifetime. Why wait until the end of it to decide what the legacy we choose to leave behind is?

I suggest that for 2014 instead of trying to decide which deal of the day gym membership to get, or what diet to follow that will give me a 6-pack in 12 easy short weeks; we spend a day, or more, with ourselves get quiet and take a long look inside. What is your higher self trying to tell you? What is it you are drawn to? What are you really here for?

Once you have that defined, you will know deep down what you should be doing every day to get there.

I wish you nothing but health and happiness for 2014 and I sincerely hope, if you haven't already, you realize why you are here and what you are here to do; and that it helps and inspires more people than you can possibly imagine!

In Abundant Health,



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