Friday, August 7, 2015

Scott Shetler's Strength and Health TV - Episode 3: Let's Talk Training!

In this episode I talk very generally about the topic of training and why I feel a holistic approach to development is much better than focusing solely on physical development.

I discuss why incorporating practices such as yoga, tai chi and meditation that focus on internal development are important to achieve true health.

I address why people over 35-40 years old should consider implementing more resorative activities than intense training sessions and why hormone optimization become more important as we get older, for more on hormone optimization check out my friend Mike Mahler at - his articles, videos and supplements he offers are some of the best in this area.

I also talk about why one of the most profound statements from one of my mentors, Dr. Ed Thomas, "Fitness shouldn't hurt." is as simple as my approach to training is. This and much more!

I hope you enjoy this week's episode, and if you have any suggestions for future topics please leave them in the comment section below.

Stay Strong AND Healthy,


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