Friday, August 21, 2015

Scott Shetler's Strength and Health TV - Episode 5: Protein and Supplements on a Vegan Diet.

In this week's episode of Strength and Health TV I talk about the most over-hyped, most talked about, most abused macronutrient on the planet.... PROTEIN! 

As my friend of Dead Prez proved by gaining 20lbs of mass eating a whole food, vegan diet, protein just ain't that hard to get, so stop worrying!

I also wanted to talk about some other important supplements that a lot of focus tends to be on when we talk about vegetarian and vegan diets particularly vitamin B12, DHA and EPA, and the essential amino acid Lysine.

I hope you enjoy this episode and if you have any topic suggestions please email me at or leave them in the comments below this video.

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