Friday, November 27, 2015

Strength and Health TV - Episode 19: Interview with vegan powerlifter Jason Morris!

In this week's episode I talk with my good friend and brother from another mother, Jason Morris. Jason is a powerlifter on Team Plantbuilt, a personal trainer, an ethical vegan and an all around awesome guy.

Some of the topics we cover are why Jason became vegan, why the idea that you cannot build muscle and strength eating a plant-based diet is a complete myth regardless of what the "experts" say, how Jason got into powerlifting and why the Universe steered him away from bodybuilding, the infamous Team Plantbuilt 2014 pizza prank, the ethical side of veganism, and much more!

Connect with Jason online at - there you will find information about his training services as well as links to his social media pages.

Be sure to check out to find out how you can support them in preventing the University of Washington from building a new animal research facility and learn about the unnecessary cruelty research animals are subject to.

Be sure to check out the fully documented Pizza Prank - thanks to our friends Sasha and Matt at - here:

I hope you enjoy this week's episode!

Stay Strong AND Healthy!


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