Thursday, December 3, 2015

Strength and Health TV - Episode 20: Interview with vegan strongman and powerlifter Justin Morgan.

In this week's episode I talk with vegan strongman competitor and powerlifting member of Team Plantbuilt, Justin Morgan.

We discuss why he bacame vegan, how he was able to go from 175 lbs to 230 lbs and gain a ton of strength on a 100% vegan diet, and what his current training and nutrition programming is like.

In addition we talk about his upcoming USAPL powerlifting competition and his future goals.

Unfortunately we had a little difficulty with the recording at about 38:00 to 39:30 Justin dropped off and had to call back in so we apologize for the break in the video, but hope you enjoy this week's episode regardless.

You can follow Justin at:

Stay Strong AND Healthy!


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