Thursday, April 21, 2016

Strength & Health TV - Episode 31: Reverse Hyper - the Best Exercise for Lower Back Strength.

In this week's episode I talk about what I consider to be the best exercise for lower back strength and health, the reverse hyper extension.

The reverse hyper extension bench was created by Louie Simmons. Louie has numerous reverse hyper benches with patents on each.

In this video I go over how to correctly perform the exercise and how to determine the optimal loading parameters to fit this exercise in your training program. The information I provide is what I've learned from Louie's work and how we've successfully implemented this in our programming at EPTS. I have talked to, and heard from, numerous people who write off this exercise as a waste of time and when I look at how they utilize it - typically a couple of sets with light weight at the end of a session - it's no wonder. To get the most out of this exercise you have to use the proper load and volume.

In addition to this video I strongly encourage you to read Louie's articles, books, and watch his videos and DVDs. The amount of information he provides on strength training is worth its weight in gold and you are doing yourself, and your athletes and clients, a disservice by not studying his work.

You can learn more about the reverse hyper and Louie's work by visiting his website at:

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