Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Strength & Health TV - Episode 32: My #1 Piece of Advice for New Fitness Professionals.

In this video I share my recommendation for the most commonly asked question I get from prospective, and up and coming, strength training and fitness professionals. Experience.

Experience is crucial in this industry and trumps everything else. Too many people new to the industry think they need to become internet experts and start publishing content, blogs, articles, videos, and books when they have absolutely no practical experience to base the content on.

Unfortunately this means anyone with a 6 pack and Instagram followers can suddenly become an expert.

My advice to new fitness pros - start training. Train people day in and day out for 5-10 years. Work, experiment, read, learn, work some more. If you do this religiously, day in and day out for a decade, you will have more than enough experience to start publishing any content you wish.

If you are just getting into the health and fitness industry to post selfies in your underwear all day, my advice is quit now. A fitness professional is a service professional. It is about your clients not you trying to stroke your ego.

For those looking for a fitness professional, find someone who has great success working with people in the demographic you fall into, whether it is weight loss, muscle and strength gain, athletic performance, martial arts, etc. They will be the ones promoting their client's accomplishments and not their own.

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