Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Strength & Health TV - Episode 37: Strength vs. Skill

In this week's episode I look at the idea of "Strength vs. Skill" in athletic training and preparation.

This topic hit me after seeing a friend post a video on Facebook of a wrestler in a wrestling match against a bodybuilder. While these videos are entertaining, they are doing nothing but comparing apples to oranges and accomplishing nothing but to say that a wrestler would likely beat a bodybuilder in a wrestling match. I'd be willing to be the bodybuilder would beat the wrestler on stage at a bodybuilding show too.

Videos like this often lead to discussions about the importance of strength in athletic training and many different people usually have many different ideas.

In this video I share my opinion on the importance of strength, and other general physical preparation, in the development of an athlete.

I hope you enjoy this week's episode!

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