Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Strength & Health TV - Episode 43: Triceps Power Cheats to Build Your Bench Press.

In this video I talk about training the triceps for carryover to the bench press.

Strong and well conditioned triceps are critical for a big bench press and I feel it's important to do a lot of volume for the triceps, particularly in single joint movements like extensions.

Recently I was revisiting one of my favorite books, "Forgotten Secrets of the Culver City Westside Barbell Club Revealed" and came across an article reprinted from the October 1966 issue of "Muscle Builder" call "Triceps Power Cheats". The article featured a favorite training exercise of Bill "Peanuts" West and the legendary Pat Casey which was referred to as the power cheat. The power cheat was essentially a half pullover coupled with an extension and by nature allows for a huge overload of the triceps. I discuss the variations of the exercise they favored as well as some of their training loads.

In addition I go over some of the triceps exercises that have been beneficial for a few of my lifters as well.

I hope you enjoy this video and leave any questions or suggestions for future episodes in the comments section below.

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