Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Training Tips for Combat Athletes: Utilize a Variety of Jumps for Power Development.

Typically at EPTS I have our combat athletes in the gym twice a week. This means that every exercise we do has to deliver. In the gym we are trying to build many different physical qualities which is why we use a Conjugate and Concurrent Sequence System of training means. We use unidirectional loading strategies while developing many abilities, such as speed strength, strength speed, power, and endurance on a weekly basis.

For power and explosive strength we utilize a variety of jumps in training. To minimize impact stress on the body and reduce the likelihood of injuries we generally use box jumps. We utilize a lot of variety in the jumps we do to prevent accommodating to any specific protocol.

Some of the jumps we implement are:

  • box jumps with body-weight only
  • box jumps with a weight vest
  • box jumps holding dumbbells or kettlebells
  • box jumps wearing ankle and/or wrist weights
  • kneeling jump to a box jump
For volume we generally do 40 jumps total per workout, twice a week.

We generally do these movements first in the training session, although on occasion we mix in the power movements toward the end of the session after some fatigue has accumulated. By the nature of sport, combative athletes need the ability to produce power while in a fatigued state. There are many other training modalities we incorporate to prepare for this, but working our power movements in the later part of the training session is a very effective approach.

A huge thanks to Louie Simmons and Tom Barry at Westside Barbell as much of what we've learned and utilized in our training plan has come from their work.

Stay Strong AND Healthy!



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