Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Keep Your Nutrition Plan on Track with Healthy Snacks.

Due to my crazy work schedule I find myself working through normal meal times. With nearly 20 years in the fitness industry I've discovered there really is no such thing as a "normal time" for anything actually!

Healthy eating is not difficult but does require a little advanced planning. Fortunately I have a refrigerator at my gym that makes it easy for me to keep my favorite healthy snacks ready and available.

Most of the time I only have a few minutes to eat in between my athlete's and client's training sessions, so I need stuff that is healthy and able to be devoured quickly.

I usually keep a lot of fresh fruit in the refrigerator and bags of mixed nuts and trail mix in my office. Fruit is my favorite, it tastes awesome and is very refreshing, especially when training during a hot summer day in Atlanta!

I also rely on nutrition bars as part of my emergency snack kit. Nutrition bars are great because they are not messy and are easily portable. I usually keep a few in my back pack and gym bag. I find them particularly valuable when travelling. There's nothing worse than being a vegan and stuck in the middle of a long road trip with no healthy, plant-based options available, and the junk that is available on most flights? I'll pass.

Even though they are incredibly convenient, the downside is that most nutrition bars are not much healthier than a candy bar. Most are loaded with sugar and processed crap. One of my favorites is the GoMacro bar. These bars are organic, vegan and sustainably sourced. They are not loaded with weird ingredients, contain no refined sugars, and the ingredients are from healthy food sources. They have a chewy texture and taste great - the peanut butter chocolate chip are my favorite!

Click here to check out GoMacro bars!

Snacking on junk is the easiest way to sabotage healthy eating. Be sure to plan ahead and have your emergency snack kit ready for when you are stuck in the office, on the road, or just looking for a healthy option at home!

Stay Strong AND Healthy!

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