Monday, July 29, 2013

KettleGuards - for more than just kettlebell lifting, but why?!?!?

Wow! What a crazy weekend it's been! I'm thoroughly convinced kettlebell forearm protection is the source of a LOT of drama in this crazy sport, and man, the weekend I've had only confirms it! I'm so glad my awesome new KettleGuards arrived in time for the potentially life-threatening whirlwind of craziness that ensued this weekend!

I've used many different types of wrist protection during my short time in putting iron balls with handles attached overhead, from ACE bandages, to a brand that uses a solid piece of plastic inside a wrist band similar to a tennis sweatband, and now to KettleGuards.

I have to say the KettleGuard is by far the best I have used-period. Here are just a few of the reasons I think KettleGuards are the best in their category of accessories for kettlebell sport and fitness:

1) 360 degrees of protection: unlike other styles that only provide protection on one side of the band, KettleGuards have protection all the way around. This prevents the guard from shifting on the arm-this is very prevalent with people with smaller wrists and forearms as forearm protection is usually one size fits all.

2) Thin and Flexible while STILL providing protection: in kettlebell lifting it is important to feel the bell on the forearm, as where the bell sits in the rack and overhead is crucial when building technique. If you want a safe lockout and more importantly, the ever elusive fixation, you must possess solid technique and be able to feel the correct position. It's like when I was competing in powerlifting, my coaches and handlers always wanted to call my depth in the squat, but I preferred to feel when I was below parallel and not leave my depth up to someone, or something else!

3) Adjustable or removable - how about BOTH! The inserts in KettleGuards allow you to make them thicker for more protection, or remove all together once you establish excellent technique and require less protection and just require something to keep the area dry

4) Developed by lifters for lifters. I really don't think I need to brag about the accomplishments of the Ice Chamber team here. If you know kettlebells and haven't heard of the Ice Chamber, well, you don't exactly know kettlebells then. They are the most accomplished team and deepest talent pool in the US. Sure, there may be some individual lifters with greater achievements, but as a team? Not a chance. They know what it takes to develop and achieve high levels of success in both kettlebell sport and fitness. They are incredibly passionate about what they do and how they do it, and this reflects in their products.

This reason alone should be enough to get you to check out KettleGuards, and if it's not, I decided to put KettleGuards to the test and see what else they could possibly be useful for, since apparently kettlebell forearm protection should serve other purposes.

Now, if you know me, you know I do anything BUT take myself seriously, so PLEASE kids-don't try this stuff at home!

So after my training session I had to hang some awesome posters up in the powerlifting room of my training center but forgot my hammer! No problem, with KettleGuards I was able to get the job done! Caution, go light, the wall may be demolished if you hit it too hard!
On an unusually cool summer day in the ATL I decided to open up the door to the warehouse to get a nice breeze in from outside, but alas! I think my neighbors at Forklift Express "borrowed" all of my doorstops! Wait - got KettleGuards? Then NO problem! The sheer power and awesomeness of these kettlebell lifting devices held the door open with ease! Again, thank you KettleGuard for making my life easier!
If you know me, you know I'm one of those severely atrophied morons who doesn't believe in consuming animals for food, like I know brah, where DO I get my protein from??!?!? Well, this does not sit well with many of the local "box gyms" in the ATL that worship the Paleo-gods. I mean, they don't understand why I don't like to get into my Lambo and "hunt and gather" my prey down at Whole Foods or Kroger, or train in bright colored knee-socks. So I am constantly being ridiculed and coming under attack from these kippers. Sometimes my security system isn't enough to keep them out of my training center, and just yesterday one of these wandering Paleo Ronin Modern Day Spartan Warriors had enough of my BS and attacked me with his katana - but thanks to KettleGuards I was able to fend off the attack and save myself, and my flats of wheatgrass, from the cannibals that harass me on a daily basis!

But seriously people use the BEST tools for what you are trying to do; if you want to knock down a wall-use a hammer. If you want to defend yourself against a sword get a shield (or run really fast), and if you want to lift kettlebells there is nothing better than KettleGuards!

Click here to get your KettleGuards NOW!

Also, HUGE thanks to KettleGuard for sponsoring the upcoming 2013 AKA / IUKL GA State Kettlebell Sport Championships!

Stay Strong and Healthy!


*Editor's note - the above listed, non-kettlebell lifting uses of KettleGuards are completely fictitious and meant to create laughter or get some panties twisted in a bunch. They are not real nor should you attempt to duplicate them.